A Seattle-based Cuban born, Maiensy Sanchez has a cross-over approach to all of her work.


An all-encompassing artistic background and a heart-centric alignment of body, mind and soul are her signature style. She creates fun, meaningful context for a journey into the unique and the awe inspiring. Connect with Maiensy and live the experience.


Dance a la cubana with Maiensy

Dance unrestrained, confident, empowered. Dance as you are.

Experience the beauty of Cuba

A seductive, ungraspable place. Warm, gifted people. The experience of a lifetime.

Yoga for everyone

Wellbeing and Radiance. Breath and Serenity. Regeneration and Awakening


Learn about Cuban arts and culture

Explore Cuba’s impressive artistic world and extraordinary culture from the multidisciplinary perspective of a Cuban born woman.