Meet Maiensy

Maiensy Sanchez was born to a family of prestigious stage actors in Camagüey, Cuba. Beauty, sense of joy, and artistic expression were paramount to her parents who initiated her in the arts at an early age. She grew up surrounded by poetry, theater, music, visual arts, cinema, dance, and literature.

Maiensy began her sixteen-year professional music training with studies in piano at the Vocational Art School and Professional Music School in Camagüey. This discipline was later followed by musical composition studies at the Instituto Superior de Arte, in Havana. As a dancer, she received training in Flamenco, Classical Ballet, Modern, Jazz, and Western African dance, all of which continue to inform her approach to dance and movement.

This expressive dimension was initially shaped by the vastness of her cultural upbringing and the irreplaceable influence of her father Fernando Alonso, first Artistic and General Director of the Cuban National Ballet and the creator of the internationally renowned method known as the Cuban School of Ballet. Maiensy has been sharing these gifts in academic and public settings for over 20 years with students and audiences the world over.

Seattle became her new home in 1999. A Mary Gates and Presidential Scholar, she graduated with distinction in Anthropology from the University of Washington. She is a DSHS certified medical interpreter and a certified yoga teacher (200-YTT, Mount Madonna Center, CA). Her Spanish, Korean, Mexican and African bloodlines meet her adopted ancestral lineages through Baba Hari Dass in classical Ashtanga (eight-limbed) yoga and Char Sundust in the Native American and world indigenous wisdom.

Maiensy Sanchez treasures her experience at The Film School in Seattle, and the timely exceptional mentoring of screenwriter Stewart Stern in the art of storytelling. Poetry and writing have always lived at the heart of her internal dialogue. She is currently working on her books Letters to my Soul and The Cuban Factor: An Epistolary.  

On September 9, 2009 Maiensy received this letter from the late American Screenwriter Stewart H. Stern. She carries his teachings with deep respect and gratitude. She honors his graceful, elegant, courageous, unique presence in this world. 

Dear Maiensy:
It is extraordinary to be able to read the passion and clarity of your writing and to be witness to your self-questioning manner, without the barrier of accent in the way -and the fluid mind and soul to grapple with it […] You are a human being with only two hands and one heart at a time to address itself to the work, whose numberless aspects you portray in the most vivid and arresting way […] It would be lovely to meet again.

Kind best to you always.