The Phenomenal Khatia Buniatishvili


One of my favorite young pianists of the moment is Georgian born Khatia Buniatishvili. She moved to France with her parents and sister at an early age. Blessed with an outer worldly musical talent, Khatia's gifts grew very fast. She was already offering her first concert at the age of six.

Khatia is fearless and resolute in protecting what she loves and those she cares about, which, in her case, might mean saying no to a request to play for President Vladimir Putin or not giving up on a humanitarian project.

Find her videos on YouTube. She is something to behold, not just as a very attractive woman exuding sensuality and owning it, but also as a tremendous musician.

I love her relationship to silence. She has trained audiences to await and to listen beyond the last written musical note. It is an authentic call to notice, to feel, to go inwards … a very rare invitation. You will either fall in love with her sense of style, her confidence and insane command of languages or with her equally phenomenal musicianship.

My November Selection in the Listen box is a very sweet piece by German baroque composer George Frideric Handel, arranged by Wilhelm Kempff, and interpreted by Khatia … It takes someone truly accomplished to go back to a simple piece such as this one and draw wings around it … Enjoy <3