The Hair Care Product that Catherine Deneuve Can’t Live Without

I adore Catherine Deneuve. And her hair, her luscious, always healthy-looking hair. Recently, I was watching this elegant French icon endorse Christophe Robin and his hair products on YouTube. It was quite an enjoyable short to watch, for it is evident they feel mutual adoration after knowing each other for over 18 years. What a beautiful bond. He grew up in utter admiration towards her, just to become her go-to hair colorist and keeper years after.

As I was watching, I was telling myself there would hardly be a tip I could apply to my irreverent hair. She mentioned a few, and I researched them all. Partial to soft, soothing, non-citrusy scents, I chose to try the moisturizing hair oil with lavender. 

I received it in the mail, quickly opened the package, and the incomparable, gentle, pacifying scent of lavender already had me at “hello”. 

Christophe Robin's Moisturizing Hair Oil with Lavender is for all hair types; a big plus for that accommodating quality. It recommends warming up the bottle before use since the product tends to solidify quickly. I have tried both ways and feel that the fundamental difference is the amount of product you get to play with and the time you hold it in your hands before usage: more product and less time when it’s liquid, less product and more time when it’s solid (you must liquify it and warm it up a bit in your hands). I have never experienced such a magical hair product, and God knows I have tried a few!

Once on the hair, it takes a few minutes to settle in. Meanwhile, you wonder whether your hair is going to be all heavy after the application. A few minutes after, however, you discover the results: my highlights were looking better, as if they were under the effect of a great toner. There was zero frizz and the scent heavenly-bound. Do I recommend it? Absolutely. Even more so after learning during my initial purchase that it is paraben, silicone, SLS and alcohol-free! No wonder my beat-up hair loves it.

In addition to this, Mr. Robin wins my heart and respect with a gorgeous site in which he declares his aim for long-term results. His brand is also eco-conscious, investing in reforestation and having customers participate on that chain reaction of goodness through the purchase of any of Mr. Robin’s products. His philosophy statement is very well written and inspirational. It is a $47 investment, but it will last you quite a while. And how wonderful it is to support a good cause, while enjoying the benefits of a beauty product made with love by people with integrity. I am hopelessly in love. J’aime beaucoup. Merci, monsieur Christophe Robin <3