How to Live Well, From Judgement to Creativity

To speak the truth without judgement is the way of the visionary, as suggested by one of the most relevant spiritual leaders of our time, Angeles Arrien. Try it, it is quite difficult. It involves the releasing of preconceptions about others, a sense of humility –we are not alone in this world nor are we the only ones with unmet needs and desires – and to discipline ourselves around the notion of breathing before speaking, taking the time to hear ourselves in our reactive minds before granting others the gift of a thoughtful response. It also requires giving ourselves second, third and fourth chances and to forgive ourselves in order to be able to forgive others. Most importantly, it is a golden key to the act of creation and the practice of imagination.

We tend to leave the crafting of words to poets and writers. In all honesty, it is the undeniable truth that a good poem can change our hearts around the most provocative of subjects or, at least, shake well the dust accumulated in it. The same goes to a well-written book, it gives us wings. But what no poet or writer can do is to be us. They will imagine us, re-create us and unify us in humanly universal and inspiring ways. Thoughtfulness and discernment help us to envision and to manifest a world worth living. And we all have an access key to those most precious human inheritances.

Practicing non-judgement is an act of creation because we must take the time to process feelings, ours and others. We must pause and eliminate toxicity in order to reach a state of child-like innocence from which to better listen to ourselves and others. We must soften our edges and undergo positive transformation. In doing so, we bestow our lives and that of those around us with the gift of joy, one of our fundamental birthrights.

Would you try it?

To watch and to listen, to slow down, to breathe, to speak authentically, to listen a bit more, to come back to your breath, to forgive, to smile, to notice, to give, to laugh.