Dance and Body Movement

Maiensy creates fun, meaningful context for a journey into the unique and the awe inspiring. She is available for private and public community events.

From Maiensy

Dance allows us to feel welcomed and loved, from a place of warmth as personal and familiar as our names, beyond islands and continents, beyond politics, beyond the most provocative of words. Dance challenges our elemental understandings and invites us to enter ungraspable realities. Dance is as nurturing as it is daring: a reminder of the endless possibilities inherent to our greater sense of belonging.


"Around 20 years ago I met Maiensy Sanchez. The impression I received once I danced with her was extraordinary: she was so young and, yet, she knew how to dance Cuban traditional music. What a surprise! 

Since then, I have been able to get to know her dedication to cubania, also, as a great human being, her humility and musical knowledge.

So, if you want to learn something good about Cuba or a Cuban representation, I recommend you Maiensy."

- Roberto Borrell
Master Teacher, Percussionist and Dancer
Second Generation of Conjunto Folklorico Nacional, Cuba


"I started taking classes with Maiensy a few years ago when I moved to Seattle. When I started in Maiensy's body movement class, it's safe to say my body movement and control was ... lacking. With Maiensy's patient and encouraging approach to teaching I learned to move my body in a feminine, strong, and yet subtle way turning into a dancer that I never thought I could be. Not only is Maiensy a beautiful dancer herself, but she is also a musician and talented teacher who is able to convey the history, the feeling, and the movement and technique of Cuban dance. There is no one else I'd rather trust with my Cuban dance education than Maiensy and I will be forever grateful that I have had the opportunity, and continue to have the opportunity, to learn from her and grow as a dancer."

- Katie Brempelis, PhD Seattle

"Maiensy is a brilliant teacher passionately sharing the richness of her native Cuban music and dance. From the beginning she teaches how to listen and appreciate the complexity of the music and dance. With her deep knowledge of the body and movement, Maiensy is masterful at teaching her students how to dance in rhythm and from their core. You will fall in love with Cuban music and dance."

- Desiree Douglas, Seattle
Principal at Douglass Consulting Environmental Planning and Design Board President at Headstrong

"I met Maiensy in July 1999, and she became my instructor for Cuban dance classes. Long story short, it changed my life. She is an extremely talented teacher and performer. I am happy to recommend that you take her classes and enjoy the art of Cuban dance."

- David Cates aka DJ Baracoa, Seattle
Owner operator of Maverick Specialty Contracting

"I've learn so much from Maiensy!  Her boundless passion to share her knowledge and her experience, and her focus on her students' understanding, has led to learning about Cuban history and cultural influences, Cuba's music history, AfroCuban styling, and musicality.  The pride she takes in her art and her practice, and the care she has for her dancers' improvement helps me to continually refine my personal style and incorporate movements with a more authentic Cuban feel.  I've learned so much from Maiensy, and I look forward to learning more!"

- Kenneth Temiyasathit, Seattle