Maiensy Sanchez is a part of the children of the Cuban Revolution’s generation. She is formerly trained in music conservatories and the Instituto Superior de Arte in Havana, with a family legacy deeply rooted in dance, theater, and the written arts.

Photo by  Kamie Kahlo

Photo by Kamie Kahlo

Maiensy has made her home in the Pacific Northwest in the United States since January 1999. She emerges as the relevant, thought-provoking, simultaneous voice of the protagonist and the witness to an ever-growing story yet to be told.

The Cuban Arts and Culture: Legacy Change and Global Impact

Maiensy Sanchez offers an invitation to a heart-centric reflection on presence and transformation. From facts to shared contemplation, Maiensy speaks to the uniqueness of a place which many faces have been seductively and incessantly played in the collective imagery. Maiensy’s presentation is suggestive of the equally original contribution the Cuban ‘factor’ makes to the ongoing current, pertinent global dialogues on greater belonging and the preservation of beauty.

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