Visit Cuba

A place that is as elusive and intricate as it is captivating, the magnetic power of Cuba springs from its people and the myriad of cultural and artistic expressions granting meaning to their lives. From rumba and ceremonial dances to social fancies. From the land of tobacco and coffee to the crystalline waters of the Caribbean. From art galleries and the ballet to folkloric performances. From gourmet meals at sought-after paladares to breakfasts at family-own lodgings. From guided conversations with artists to chance encounters. Here is an invitation to reflect upon the Cuban mirror. Join the experience.

Cuban Arts and Culture Tour Packages

Designed for music and dance enthusiasts, epicures, Hemingway readers, lovers of nature and curious travelers. Details upon request.

Custom Tour Packages (Groups and Private)

Your timeframe, your interests and fancies, your choices. Contact Maiensy to help you design the journey of your dreams.

All Traveling Packages May Include (Upon Request):

  • Inland Guiding Services
  • Cuban History, Arts, and Culture Briefs*
  • Spanish Tutorials*
*available via skype, facetime, or in person prior to departure

Partner with Maiensy

Contact her with a collaborative project and make a creative contribution: your topic, your gifts, your time, a world of possibilities.


"Some people have natural talent, some have wisdom. There are those who have discipline, those who are demanding with themselves and those who are demanding with others. And then, there is Maiensy, who not only gathers it all but also knows how to transmit it with enthusiasm, inspiration, and passion. She is one of those people who shines with their own light, filling the empty spaces like no one else knows, radiating sensibility, spirituality and distilling positive energy all over. In sum, she is one of those few people who, once they appear into your life, you cannot be but grateful because you have found a treasure. After that, nothing is the same anymore." 

- Estel Llobet, Barcelona
TV Reporter


"Maiensy has incredible integrity and a depth of maturity and life wisdom that she brings to every encounter. She cares deeply about culture, humanity and the natural world and she is serious about walking her talk. Yet Maiensy also has that special spark of lightness—bringing playfulness, humor and warmth to every situation. I feel blessed to have her as a friend and teacher."

- Gail Hudson, Seattle
Author and Life Coach


"I have known Maiensy Sanchez for over 20 years and her dedication to the Arts in general, music and dance in particular, is stronger than ever. Her knowledge of Cuba and the Arts is so deep that she is my go to person any time I have a question relative to these subjects. She is always answering fast, in a precise way and manage to go further than my original questions which is a rare quality. She definitively helped me in numerous situations to have a clear understanding about the arts in Cuba."

- Gerard Schmidt, Paris/New York
Video Director/Producer
Digital Content Strategist