Maiensy offers sessions in asana (postures), pranayama (breathing), and meditation. The practices are tailored to the needs and aims of students within a safe, intimate environment.

From Maiensy

Whether your motivation is to tone your muscles, to stretch your body after prolonged sitting hours at work, a healthy lifestyle, to relax, or the attainment of peace and self-realization, if your aim is to better yourself, you are already starting to walk the path of yoga. Welcome to the experience.

Karma Yoga

Maiensy offers free sessions to schools, communities, and organizations interested in making yoga available to their members.

She extends her deepest gratitude to all the beautiful teachers of her life: her students of all ages, mentors, friends, family, elders and ancestors.


"Maiensy is incredibly warm. She arrives to the studio with a smile and a gentleness. She always has something kind to say and exhibits a genuine caring for others. During her practice, I have always admired how she shows compassion for herself. At the same time, I see that she has a beautiful practice. Maiensy is fully integrated in her body – she is strong, soft and fluid, the epitome of grace. I feel she possesses all the qualities of a great yoga teacher: kindness, caring, compassion and dedication to the practice."

- Jodi Boone, Seattle
Ayurvedic Therapist, ERYT, Doula

"Maiensy is a loving human being with high integrity, critical thinking and a passion for life.

Her multicultural heritage, along with the depths of her trainings, gifted her with a visionary mind, a caring heart for the other and the world at large.

She is a keen observer and knows how to read the moment, rely on her intuitions and guide her students from that heart space."

- Cosetta Romani, Seattle
Shamanic Healer, Sacred Space Holder, Yoga/Dance/Meditation Teacher, Poetess

"Maiensy is a healer, teacher, and visionary. She brings a sincerity, integrity, and compassion to her service in the world in many beautiful ways. Her willingness to extend herself for others wellbeing is a strong and abiding force. She has an embodied devotion and reverence for spiritual life that is both inspiring and uplifting."

- Angelo Gatto, Port Townsend
Mentor, Healer, Rights of Passage Guide